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When we receive your rug or pick it up from your home, we start with a thorough inspection and document any areas of concern that you may have or we identify. This ensures we meet your expectations and your rug is cleaned effectively.

Dust & Dirt

Removal Before washing, we thoroughly remove all dust and grit from the backing up. This critical step maximizes the effectiveness of the cleaning process and is essential to your family’s health.


We wash your rugs using surfactants that are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and safe for wool, silk and dye. We carefully clean your rug, giving special attention to spots, fringe and heavily soiled areas. Your rug is hand washed and thoroughly rinsed.


Quick, careful drying is essential to ensuring that your rug looks its best. Our extractors remove more than 90% of the water. This quickens drying time and prohibits bleeding and browning. Your rug is carefully manicured and brushed, and then dried in our humidistat-controlled dry room.

Final Inspection

After drying is completed, each rug is vacuumed and then spot treated for any stains that may not have come out during the wash. Fringes are carefully inspected and may be redone in order to look their best. The team member who completes the final inspection signs off on that tag.