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Do you have a busy lifestyle with pets and children? Luxury vinyl tile, also known as LVT, may be the perfect fit for your home. Vinyl flooring may seem like something from your grandmother’s kitchen, but with this new type of flooring you can have the benefits of vinyl with the look and feel of a modern hardwood, tile, or even concrete floor. Luxury vinyl tile is scratch, stain, and water resistant. Built to last for years, this is one of the most durable flooring options available. If this sounds like something you need, come to The Rug Gallery.

At The Rug Gallery we carry our own line of luxury vinly tile called Luxury Performance Flooring. In addition to all the features listed above, it boasts a cork lining, which makes standing for long periods of time much more comfortable than on ordinary hard surfaces. It also comes in a range of finishes from barn wood to tile and marble to granite. Each pattern repeat is so large and spaced out that it’s practically unnoticeable.

Built to withstand the bumps and “whoops” moments of daily living, luxury vinyl tile will last for years and look as good as it did when first installed. LVT can be installed anywhere in your home and over any type of flooring. From the kitchen to your living room and bathroom, LVT is a sturdy and attractive option. It can even be installed over uneven surfaces! 

LVT has a no fuss installation process. There is no cutting involved, and our certified installers even take care of moving furniture out of and back into the area being floored. Our installers have a wealth of training and experience installing LVT flooring, so you can be confident that your floor will be installed to your satisfaction the first time. 

Visit The Rug Gallery today to see why luxury vinyl tile is an amazing option for any space in your home.