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Rugs have changed in material and design over the years and today’s contemporary rugs are nothing short of stunning, functional, and in many cases, affordable. They come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes, and you can be sure that if you’re shopping for a contemporary rug that you’ll find what you’re looking for.


Clean, Minimalistic Designs

One of the most telling features of a contemporary rug is its clean, minimalistic styling. Often, contemporary rugs are abstract in their design, meaning that there is less of a linear pattern and more of just a free-flowing look to them.


A Variety of Colors

Contemporary rug colors range from both neutral to bright and bold. The colors you might see in a neutral contemporary rug includes browns, taupes, and ivories, and even darker neutrals like navy and grey. Since contemporary rugs are often machine made and synthetically dyed, you will also find them in bright colors including blues, reds, pinks, greens, and more.


Where to Purchase Contemporary Rugs

At the Rug Gallery, we have a wide variety of Oriental rugs to choose from and can help you find a contemporary rug that looks great in any room of your home. Contact us today to set up a consultation with our rug experts or simply browse our rug galleries online.