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Deciding between carpet or an area rug can be challenging. The nature of the space, your mobility, and a variety of other factors influence this decision. If you’re having trouble deciding, we’ve compiled a list of four things to consider when choosing between carpet or an area rug. 

  1. Renting or Buying

If you are renting the space you’re living in, keep in mind that you won’t be able to take the carpeting with you when you leave. However, if you’re planning on purchasing or already have purchased your home, carpet is a worthy investment.

  1. Allergies

Severe allergies can greatly impact the way you live your life, and this decision is no different. Area rugs are more easily washed and cleaned, whereas carpets cannot simply be put in the wash from time to time. If allergies are not an issue for you, carpet could be the way to go!

  1. Mobility

If you use a wheelchair, crutches, or any other mobility aid to help you get around, you probably want to look into carpet before considering area rugs. The edges of rugs can be a major slipping and tripping hazard, whereas the transition from hardwood to carpet is usually much smoother and safer.

  1. Where You Live

Believe it or not, the place where you live can be a big factor to consider when choosing a carpet or area rug. Humidity gets into everything from furniture to carpet, so if you live in a high-humidity part of the country you may want to say no to carpeting an entire room. However, carpets are a great way to further insulate your home from the cold. If you live in a part of the country that gets cold, carpets can save you money on your heating bill!

If you’re still having trouble deciding, don’t worry! Visit The Rug Gallery today to talk to our expert sales associates about other factors to consider. No matter what kind of space you live in or the budget you have, we’re sure to have the luxury carpet or area rug that’s right for you!